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34g of Protein | 2g pf Carbs | Mixes in Easily

Nutrition. Supplements. Transformation.

We have helped individuals like you achieve various health and fitness goals by offering top-quality dietary and nutritional supplements and services coupled with unparalleled personalized attention. We want you to transform and be the best you can be.


About Nutrishop

Health and fitness saved Shane from an unknown illness that put him in the hospital. He wants to share his story about health and nutrition, that is why he opened Nutrishop; to help those struggling with their health take control of it once more. 

A Community of Transformation

We are a community that cares about total transformation and pursuing a healthy lifestyle. We are a family that helps and motivates each other at home, work, and everywhere in-between. 

We provide you with the best consulting on how to maximize your results and achieve the health and body that you have always wanted. Come in to the shop to get started.

Hear what the people are saying...


"This is my muscle progress! I am now 54 pounds down in the last 4 months but just had to put on 8 pounds of muscle because I wasn't getting my protein in until I came to work at Nutrishop this place has changed my life 100% for the better!!" 

— Salina


"Nutrishop was the place that taught me how to actually track what is going on inside my body and Inspired me to take my fitness to the next level."


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