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Years ago, I found myself hospitalized, facing an undiagnosed illness that seemed insurmountable. Despite the odds stacked against me, I not only survived but conquered severe health issues, battled obesity, and even overcame anorexia. Through hard work and dedication, I've achieved remarkable physical transformations, naturally building substantial muscle gains.

Owning a gym and aiding others in their journey toward health and wellness was a dream of mine—one that I'm now living through Zone Fitness and Nutrishop. Words can't express the profound joy I feel pursuing this passion. My journey stands as proof that regardless of your circumstances, there are myriad paths to achieving your aspirations. If I can triumph over adversity, so can you. Embrace the multitude of possibilities available and pursue your goals with unwavering determination!


Shane Christensen

I felt like total crap, most days hardly getting out of bed. I had mono, staph, strep, Epstein bar, shingles, gout, fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue. It was time to make changes and start living!

I have done all of the roller coaster diets and pills to help with my weight loss and ailments so this time I wanted to try something different. I wanted to implement a healthy long-lasting life style that I could stick with. I took some high quality nutritional products which fueled my body with the purest nutrients my body needs, long lasting protein to protect my muscle, and took some simple detoxes which all together have completely changed my life and helped me heal my illness issues and maintain a 52 pound transformation.

I am so grateful and excited to be a Fun Healthy Fit Mom and Grandma and I look for beautiful things each day to enjoy and appreciate!

Pennie Christensen

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